Yerba Mate Turmeric Coconut Milk Latte



2 cups brewed Argentinian Yerba Mate tea*

1 Tbsp raw honey or pure maple syrup, or your favorite sweetener

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk (warmed if you’d like; blend the coconut milk in the can before you pour it out)

1/4 tsp ground cardamom

1/4 tsp ground turmeric

A grind of black pepper


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

*How to make Argentinian Yerba Mate: Place 2-3 Tablespoons of loose Argentinian Yerba Mate tea in a large glass measuring cup or jar. Pour 2 cups of hot (not boiling) water over the tea and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Strain through a tea strainer or fine mesh sieve into the blender if you are going to make this immediately.

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