Yerba Mate Tea Infused Pancakes

From Kayla in the City


1 Tbsp Argentinian Yerba Mate tea

Your favorite pancake mix


First, brew your Argentinian Yerba Mate tea. The amount of water you boil should reflect the amount of water noted in your pancake recipe mix.
Add roughly 1 Tbsp of Argentinian Yerba Mate Tea for every cup of water you boil (if youu2019re boiling 2 cups, use 2 Tbsps etc.) or more for an even stronger brew. Let seep for 3-5 minutes.
Strain loose Argentinian Yerba Mate leaves and allow tea to cool down to room temperature. Once cool, mix tea with pancake mix (and any other ingredients your pancake mix calls for) and cook on a greased pain accordingly. Follow directions on your pancake mix for how long to cook each side before flipping.

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